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Тост на английском: примеры из фильмов

В прошлом уроке мы узнали, как сказать тост на английском, и какие устойчивые выражения пригодятся, чтобы сказать красивый и грамотный тост на английском языке.

В этом уроке смотрим примеры тостов из фильмов и репетируем тосты для новогодних корпоративов, вечеринок и просто посиделок)) Новогодние песни на английском мы ведь уже выучили!

Время сейчас праздничное, и в ближайшие недели нам понадобятся новогодние речи и пожелания. Но тосты – штука универсальная. Одни и те же выражения можно использовать для любых тостов круглый год))

Но давайте смотреть примеры тостов на английском из фильмов. Для удобства поделю тосты на короткие и длинные.

Короткие тосты на английском

Тост 1

They say that good things happen to good people. Today is one of those days, and these are two of those people. We love you. Cheers!
  • They say that... = Говорят, что…

Cheers, как мы уже знаем, говорят непосредственно перед тем, как выпить, когда чокаются.

Тост 2

You and Marissa are perfect for each other. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Congrats! Enjoy the party.

А тут видим пример пожелания на английском:

  • I wish you all the happiness in the world = Желаю вам счастья…
Congrats = сокращенный вариант от Congratulations.

Тост 3

- I’ve just heard that the Attorney General is very pleased.
- Now, they seldom call with just good news.
- They were also so happy with the way things turned out that, unfortunately, they’ve withdrawn my name as a candidate for Section Chief.
- I’ll drink to that.

  • I’ll drink to that = За это я выпью. 
Отличный способ присоединиться к тому, что уже сказали, без лишних слов.

Тост 4

- Well done, Bridge. Four hours of careful cooking and a feast of blue soup, omelette and marmalade.
- Thank you.
- I think that deserves a toast, don’t you. To Bridget, who cannot cook, but who we love just as she is.
- To Bridget, just as she is.

Еще одна интересная и полезная фраза:

  • I think that deserves a toast = Думаю, это заслуживает тоста.

Ну и - как мы помним – то, что в русском языке:

  • тост ЗА…, выпьем ЗА…

на английском:

  • a toast TO…, let’s drink TO…

Тост 5

Everybody, could I have your attention, please. I’d like to propose a toast. To Harry and Sally. To Harry and Sally.

А в этом примере тоста – полезная фраза для привлечения внимания:

  • Everybody, could I have your attention, please.

И еще одно нужное выражение, которое мы уже встречали в предыдущем уроке:

  • I’d like to propose a toast = Хочу предложить тост

Тост 6

- And to Dr.Spencer Reid who may be adding MD to an already impressive list of credentials.
- And to Spencer Johnson, may he prove to be the child prodigy, like his namesake.

В этом тосте – полезное выражение для разнообразных пожеланий:

  • May he [prove to be the child prodigy, like his namesake] = Пускай он [окажется таким же гением, как его тезка]

Другие примеры пожеланий со словом may:

  • May all your dreams come true
  • May 2016 bring you lots of happiness and joy

Тост 7

- Are you kidding?
- Alan, how we doing, buddy?
- Good.
- What do you got over there, Alan?
- That's the Eiffel Tower.
- Uh-oh.
- Right?
- A little Jagermeister. Good idea.
- There it is. Good call.
- On the roof. Um, no, this is good. I'd like to make a toast. To Doug and Tracy. May tonight be but a minor speed bump in an otherwise very long and healthy marriage.
- Cheers.
- Short and sweet.

  • I’d like to make a toast = Я бы хотел сказать тост

А как бы вы перевели пожелание:

  • May tonight be but a minor speed bump in an otherwise very long and healthy marriage.

Давайте обсудим в комментариях!

Длинные тосты на английском

Иногда повод для тоста настолько весомый, что хочется сказать длинный тост минут на 40 с кучей красивых пожеланий. Вот как раз примеры таких тостов на английском мы сейчас посмотрим и разберем.

Тост 8

Last year, right here we had a very different celebration of life, of love and good people. This year it’s the other side of that, because, well, that’s what families do. It’s been a hard year. But tonight we celebrate a life well lived, well loved. To a good woman, and even better mother, to our friend who I will miss very much.

В этом примере повод для тоста печальный, но тостующий тем не менее сказал красивый и душевный тост.

Тост 9

- I'd like to propose a toast. Little toast here, ding ding. I know this isn't exactly the kind of Thanksgiving that all of you all planned, but for me, this has been really great, you know, I think because it didn't involve divorce or projectile vomiting. Anyway, I was just thinking, I mean, if you'd gone to Vail, and if you guys'd been with your family, if you didn't have syphilis and stuff, we wouldn't be all together, you know? So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm very thankful that all of your Thanksgivings sucked.
- That's so sweet.
- And hey, here's to a lousy Christmas.
- And a crappy New Year.

В этом отрывке – игра слов. Обычно все же:

  • Merry Christmas
  • and Happy New Year

а не

  • a lousy Christmas 
  • and a crappy New Year)))

А для фанатов сериала Друзья (и не только) - пост о переводческих ошибках. Вот почему лучше смотреть фильмы в оригинале! Если уровень языка позволяет)))

Тост 10

- Now, I know it's tradition at the rehearsal dinner for the maid of honor to reveal embarrassing things about the bride. But in our group we never kiss and tell. So, I'd like to make a toast to the groom.
- There's a word he's heard before!
- Who is that again?
- Karl... a partner at the firm.
- Karl's kind of a jerk.
- You know what they say – three times a charm!
- Hey "dick wad"... I'm speaking. Now. There were times when we had our doubts about this gorgeous man. But after careful observation over the last hundred years, my doubts are over. So... here's to the groom. A man who finally got "Carrie-d" away.

Полезные выражения для тостов:

  • I’d like to make a toast to [the groom]
  • So, here’s to [the groom]

И чудесная игра слов:

  • A man who finally got ‘Carrie-d’ away

Carrie – имя невесты
Got carried away (от слова carry) = снесло крышу

Подробнее - много других примеров игры слов в английском.

Тост 11

- A little birdie told me that one of our guests here is a Tom Collins man.
- Oh, for pity's sake. Isn't that nice, Jack?
- That is nice. Thank you.
- All right. Wait. Don't drink. I want to make a toast. Now, I had a vasectomy in 1974…
- 1973, honey.
- You're right. So, unfortunately, I never had the chance to procreate a daughter, but had I been able to, I really would've wanted a girl as sensitive and as intelligent, and as beautiful as this young lady sitting right here before us.
- Thank you, Bernie.
- And if I might add...
- Greg.
- Yeah.
- I thought you had a sister?
- Nope. No sister.
- You said you had a sister. You said you milked your sister's cat.
- Okay, I'm not done yet. What I'm trying to say is, it's taken far too long to do this, you know, but we're finally all together.
- That's nice, honey.
- Oh, thank you.
- All right, that's enough.
- L'chaim, everyone.
- L'chaim!
- L'ha-ha. Like you have popcorn stuck in the throat. It's a...
- Okay. To family.
- To family.

Полезные выражения для тостов на английском:

  • I want to make a toast = Я хочу сказать тост
  • To family = За семью

Тост 12

- Hmmm. This is delicious.
- Why did we ever stop drinking these?
- Because everyone else started.
- Well, that is an oldie but goodie.
- And speaking of an oldie but goodie...
- Happy Birthday!
- Wait, wait, a toast. To Samantha... fifty and fabulous! To us... and the next fifty!
- To the next fifty.

  • To us and the next fifty = За нас и следующие пятьдесят (лет)!

Тост 13

Hi. I am Sam Ahern, Jr. I'm not gonna give a long speech. Socrates gave long speeches and his friends killed him. In the past, my father would always kick things off and then turn it over to the vice presidents but, as you know, Dad's not with us any more. I think that anybody that knew him knows that he was a great man. And we're thinking about you tonight, Pops. He always ended with a quote. He would say, "What would you do today if you knew you would not fail?" And then he'd say, "Now go out and do it." You know where he got that from? My mother, Rose Ahern. All right, let me finish with this. As we move forward into this new year, let's try to remember that sometimes it's okay to listen to your heart. I know it's risky. Take that leap of faith. Happy New Year, everybody.

Тостующий пообещал не произносить длинных речей:

  • I'm not gonna give a long speech…

Но не удержался)) Но, в общем-то, если душа просит, почему и нет. Длинные тосты с цитатами и наставлениями тоже могут пригодиться!

Полезные фразы для тостов:

  • I’m not going to give a long speech = Я не буду говорить длинную речь
  • All right, let me finish with this = Позвольте мне закончить следующим…
  • As we move forward into this new year, let’s remember that… = Сейчас, когда мы вступаем в этот новый год, давайте помнить о том, что…

А вы любите говорить тосты? Какой ваш любимый тост?

Приходилось ли говорить тосты на английском?

Давайте обсудим в комментариях!

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