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Идиомы с say - tell - speak - talk

say tell speak talk

Со словами say – tell – speak - talk часто возникает путаница. Когда сказать say, а когда tell? Какая разница между speak и talk?

Можно, конечно, попытаться разобраться в нюансах оттенков с помощью словарных определений. Но – откровенно говоря – определения могут запутать еще больше.

Лучший способ разобраться, какая разница между say – tell – speak– talk – это посмотреть, в каких выражениях, словосочетаниях и идиомах встречаются эти слова.

Для начальных уровней это будет выглядеть примерно так:

  • say thank you, say goodbye, say yes
  • tell a story, tell the truth, tell me why
  • speak English, speak three languages, speak fluently
  • talk to a friend, talk about politics, talk loudly

И, конечно, этот же принцип – в каких словосочетаниях встречается слово - применим к любым другим словам, вызывающим путаницу, и многочисленным синонимам. Это вы найдете в любом словаре – и в толковом, и в словаре словосочетаний (Collocations Dictionary)

А давайте теперь посмотрим на продвинутые словосочетания и идиомы со словами say – tell – speak– talk.

Двигайте стулья поближе, будем приобщаться к прекрасному)))

Идиомы с say – tell – speak – talk

идиомы say tell speak talk

Я не стану давать готовые ответы, что означает каждая идиома, и уж тем более, как они переводятся. Коварная, да)))

(На самом деле, дело, конечно, не в коварстве. Если давать готовые ответы, в голове ничего не остается, а вот если вы сами потрудитесь, то шансы запомнить возрастают.)

Так что давайте самостоятельно, договорились? Ну а если любите перевод или хотите что-то уточнить, пишите ваши вопросы и наблюдения в комментариях к посту.

Итак, поехали, упражнения на идиомы с say – tell – speak– talk

Упражнение 1

В этом упражнении займемся смыслом. Очень хорошо, если вы еще не заглядывали в словарь)) Соотнесите идиомы с say – tell – speak– talk и определения / значения.

Перетаскиванием расположите определения в том же порядке, что и идиомы:

Идиомы с TALK

small talk

  • small talk
  • he’s all talk (and no action)
  • a pep talk
  • talk is cheap
  • talked me into it
  • talked me out of it
  • talk shop
  • look who’s talking!
  • it is easier to say you will do something than to actually do it
  • a short speech that is given to encourage someone to work harder or to feel more confident
  • you say this when someone criticizes you for doing something that they do themselves
  • light conversation for social occasions
  • to talk about business or work matters at a social event
  • convinced me to do it
  • convinced me not to do it
  • much discussion but no action or results

Идиомы со SPEAK

  • speak your mind
  • speak up
  • speak highly of
  • speak the same language
  • speak of the devil…
  • speaks for itself
  • speak ill of
  • actions speak louder than words
  • say good things about someone or something
  • say something bad about someone
  • it does not need any explanation
  • used when you talk about a certain person, and that person appears
  • have similar ideas, tastes, beliefs, opinions
  • 1) speak more loudly 2) voice your opinion
  • what you do is more significant than what you say
  • say what you really think

Идиомы с SAY

  • have the final say
  • have a say in
  • say a few words
  • needless to say
  • never say never
  • say when
  • says who?
  • that’s easy for you to say
  • give a short speech
  • used when you pour a drink, means ‘tell me when I have poured/given you enough’
  • used to indicate disagreement with someone who has said something
  • have the right or power to influence a decision
  • so obvious that it doesn't need to be said
  • have the authority to make decisions
  • you can say that because it really does not affect you
  • nothing is impossible, anything can happen

Идиомы с TELL

  • tell them apart
  • my gut tells me
  • kiss and tell
  • tell me about it!
  • tell you what…
  • tell the difference
  • see the difference
  • I have had the same experience, so I know exactly what you’re talking about
  • see the difference between objects / people
  • participate in something secret and private, and then tell other people about it
  • my intuition tells me that
  • here is what I think

Упражнение 2

А в этом упражнении выберите правильный вариант ответа:

1. I don't enjoy parties where I have to make small ______ with complete strangers.talk;speak;say;tell1 2. She’s taking maternity leave. Needless to _____, she'll be off work for a while.talk;speak;say;tell33. They were trying to _____ me out of my decision.talk;speak;say;tell14. Everyone _____ highly of this movie, but I don’t think it’s worth seeing.talks;speaks;says;tells25. You won’t win. – _____ who?Talks;Speaks;Says;Tells36. The twins were identical, and we couldn't _____ them apart.talk;speak;say;tell47. You criticize me for being late! Look who's _____! You just missed your flight!talking;speaking;saying;telling18. Later in my presentation, I will talk about the sales forecast, but first, I'd like to _____ a few words about last year's sales figures.talk;speak;say;tell39. Residents are being given a chance to have a _____ on the future of their town.talk;speak;say;tell310. At the party I met someone else who studies what I do and we spent the whole night _____ shop.talking;speaking;saying;telling1

Упражнение 3

Немного усложняем – теперь самостоятельно впишите нужное слово:

  • say
  • tell
  • speak
  • talk

Иногда слово нужно будет немного поменять и поставить в нужную форму, например, прошедшее время.

1. Dave has been saying for months that he'll put up that shelf, but he's all talk and no action.

2. In many families,the mother has the final say on the children's education and activities.

3. Politicians need to be reminded that actions speak louder than words.

4. - I haven't seen Bob for weeks. - Look, here comes Bob. - Well, speak of the devil.

5. The coach gave the team a good pep talk, but they lost anyway.

6. We come from ​similar ​backgrounds, so we ​speak the same language.

7. The salesperson eventually talked us into buying the car.

8. My boss keeps saying she'll give me a raise, but talk is cheap.

9. The name Sony speaks for itself.

10. This looks good on paper, but my gut tells me that it is all wrong.


Упражнение 4

В этом упражнении выберите правильный ответ - идиому с say - tell - speak - talk, которая перефразирует выделенное выражение:

1. It is so obvious that it doesn't need to be said, I should have spent more time on the report, but I just didn't have it.Needless to say;Never say never;Tell me about it;Say when12. I've asked Ms.Thompson to give a short speech before the meeting begins.speak the same language;tell me about it;say a few words;kiss and tell33. Mary: You just talk and talk, you go on much too long about practically nothing, and you never give a chance for anyone else to talk, and you just don't know when to stop! Sally: You criticize me for doing something that you do! Talk is cheap;Look who’s talking;Tell you what…;Speak of the devil24. No one can convince me to do something illegal.have a say in;kiss and tell;speak up;talk me into doing45. Of course, the government have made all sorts of promises but as we all know, what you say is less significant than what you do.he’s all talk;talk is cheap;speak of the devil;speaks for itself26. The boss gave the staff a short speech that is given to encourage someone to work harder, to feel more confident and enthusiastic this morning in an attempt to boost sales.a pep talk;small talk;talk shop;a say in17. The employees had no power to influence or make a decision about the restructuring of the company.speak their minds;say in;never say never;speak up28. The project was supposed to be a secret between Jane and me, but she spread it all around. I didn't think she was the type to participate in something secret and private, and then tell other people about it.speak for herself;tell me about it;look who’s talking;kiss and tell49. There's no use setting up a meeting between the environmentalists and the construction company - they just don't have similar ideas, beliefs, or opinions.tell the difference;say when;tell you what;speak the same language410. They can't hear you in the back of the room. Speak more loudly!Speak ill!;Speak highly!;Speak up!;Says who? 311. Who makes decisions?talks shop;says a few words;talked me out of my decision;has the final say 412. Will you give me a chance to say what I really think or am I supposed to agree with everything you say?kiss and tell;speak my mind;speak the same language;talk shop213. You've been promising me a new car for five years now, and I’ve come to realize that what people do is more important than what people say.my gut tells me;actions speak louder than words;speak of the devil;look who’s talking2

Упражнение 5

Усложняем максимально)))

Перефразируйте эти длинные и местами корявые фразы более изящными и ёмкими идиомами. Одно окошко - одно слово, сокращения не используем.

1. I love my sister, but she can be a real pain in the neck sometimes.- Oh, I have had the same experience tell me about it!

2. - Juice? - Yes, please. - Ok, let me know when I’ve poured enough say when.

3. Let’s split the check evenly. -You can say that because it really does not affect you That’s easy for you to say! You had lobster!

4. You’re supposed to help people. – I challenge that opinion Says who?

5. Alright, everyone, we're not here to talk about business or work matters talk shop. Let's have a good time.

6. At the present time, he has no intention of running for president, but nothing is impossible, and anything can happen never say never.

7. Don't count on Mary's help - she talks a lot but there’s never any action she is all talk and no action.

8. Everyone says good things about speaks highly of this movie, but I don't think it's that good.

9. Here’s what I think Tell you what, it's a wonder Elise didn't have a heart attack when she got that bill.

10. I can't see the difference between Billy and Bobby tell them apart.

11. I couldn't see tell the difference between a real $20 bill and a counterfeit one.

12. I don't ​enjoy ​parties where I have to make light conversation small talk with ​complete ​strangers.

13. I have a feeling My gut tells me that’s a promising idea.

14. I refuse to say bad things about speak ill of any of my friends.

15. I'm not going to talk about our business successes. I think the report provides enough evidence speaks for itself.


Поделитесь в комментариях, понравились ли вам идиомы с say– tell– speak– talk.

Или, может, возникли вопросы? Давайте обсудим!

Автор: Дарья Масловская


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