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Face: упражнения

Если со значениями, словосочетаниями и вариантами перевода слова face разобрались, можно и упражнения поделать.

Упражнение 1

Choose the best translation/meaning:

1. I wouldn’t say he’s attractive. But he’s not ugly, either. I’d say he has a plain face.лицо;выражение лица;человек1
2. I looked around for a familiar face.лицо;выражение лица;человек3
3. She stormed into the room, with an angry face.лицо;выражение лица;человек 2
4. My room was facing west, so I could watch the sunset every night.выходила на;лицо;столкнулась с1
5. Let’s face it, we don’t stand a chance in this match. выйдем;признаем;столкнемся2
6. The best way to conquer your fears is by facing them.столкнуться;признать;посмотреть в лицо3

Упражнение 2

Write the appropriate phrase that corresponds to each picture:

They were very braveYou should have seenI saw someIt's good to seeOur roomHe isIt's always hardThey've neverThe best way to overcome your fears is byThe country isShe has aThe terraceIt's nice to see a
facial massageLet's face itin the face ofthe look on his facefacial recognitionOn the face of itfamiliar facesa new facefacesfacingto facemet face-to-face;met face to facefacial featuresfacingfacing an economic crisispretty face;round facefaces westfacial expressionshappy face;smiling face
,we aren't going to win.danger.when I told him the news.technologies, it looks like a good offer.in the crowd.the sea.a difficult decision.the truth.them., so we can watch the sunset every night.in the crowd.



Автор: Дарья Масловская


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