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Sex and the City S1E1: Vocabulary Exercises

Пора потренировать новые слова и выражения из Sex and the CIty S1E1. Здесь будут всяческие упражнения - с подвыподвертом и без - а сами выражения мы разбирали здесь. Загляните, если забыли, как сказать на английском "Да пошло оно всё!", что значит I'm not buying into that crap, а также зачем "ударять по нему" (hit on him)))

Также мы уже прокачивали умение понимать речь на слух и постигали особенности произношения, из-за которых часто трудно понять, что говорят носители языка (в нашем случае - американцы).

Если все сделали, давайте упражняться, качать словарную мышцу)) Потому что practice makes perfect!

Exercise 1

Немного разомнемся и начнем с простого. Подберите возможные словосочетания к фразам слева. Например:

Обратите внимание, что с didn’t understand сочетаются оба слова:

  • didn’t understand a thing
  • didn’t understand a word

Хватайте кирпичики справа и перетаскивайте их у нужное место, чтобы получились возможные словосочетания.

  • I’ll probably turn down
  • I’m up to my ears
  • It threatens
  • I feel like
  • I don’t want to settle for
  • Don’t give up on
  • He’s running for
  • He’s determined
  • They pulled off a
  • I’m not buying into
  • your dream / love
  • going out / staying at home
  • to win / not to let that happen
  • mayor / President
  • this whole thing / this idea
  • less / what’s available
  • in debt / in work
  • deal / prison escape
  • his career / stability
  • his offer / his invitation

Exercise 2

Сейчас нам пригодятся словосочетания из предыдущего упражнения.

Подберите подходящую по смыслу фразу из тех, что получились у вас в Exercise 1, и впишите ее в пропуски. Количество окошек = количество слов.


1. You deserve the best life has to offer. Don’t settle for less.

2. Do you think he’s going to run for President again? He's been the head of state 4 times now! Enough!

3. All these gurus are a bunch of charlatans. I’m not buying into this whole ‘New Age philosophy’ thing.

4. $120,000 a year, company car, medical insurance… I have no idea why he turned down this job offer, it sounded great.

5. After three humiliating failures we were determined not to let that happen again.

6. I can’t afford to spend an extra dollar now that I’m up to my ears in debt.

7. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again but don’t give up on your dream.

8. The injury he sustained in the accident threatens his career in sport.

9. - Do you want to go out tonight? – No, I feel like staying at home.

10.  With improved security technologies, prison escapes are becoming harder and harder to pull off.


Exercise 3

Любимое упражнение всех времен и народов – то, где не надо ничего писать, а только выбрать правильный ответ)) Ну а что, передышка тоже нужна!

(Но - скажу по секрету - лучше запоминается то, что вы проговорили или прописали, чем то, где вы пассивно почитали и выбрали правильные ответы.)

1. It’s nobody’s business, so just _____. keep your mouth shut;give me a call;stay over at my place;dump him12. - I need the computer. Are you done with it? – Yeah, _____.it’s all mine;it’s all yours;I’m all yours;it’s your computer23. Give me another chance, don’t _____! I won’t let you down again.pop the question;get in my way;screw it;give up on me44. I don’t think I can do it, but I’ll ______. give it a shoot;give it a shot;give it and shot;give a shot it25. I was really _____ with the way you left without even saying goodbye.all yours;determined;pissed off;up to my ears36. I finally got the courage to ask her out, but she _____!turned me down;threatened me;turned down me;hit on me17. Despite our best efforts, the project failed _____. We didn’t achieve a thing of what we set out to accomplish.on all counts;out the window;all of a sudden;up to our ears18. We had almost reached an agreement, but some minor details _____.pulled off;took a shot;felt like it;got in the way49. He was _____, whatever it took, even if it meant not playing by the rules.out of his mind;pissed off;determined to win;supposed to win310. They’d been dating for 5 years when he finally _____.got in her way;popped a question;popped the question;hit on her3

Exercise 4

А в этом упражнении впишите правильный предлог или частицу. Good news – есть подсказки, смело ими пользуйтесь, выбирайте нужное слово (или два) и вписывайте в окошки. Все пишем в одно окно, например:

1. A brilliant career and a family! How do you pull this off (on / off / up / down)?

2. If you want to win, you shouldn’t always play by the rules (on / for / by / to).

3. How many candidates are running for President this year (for / to / towards / against)?

4. It really pisses me off when people speak loudly on their phones in public (out / off / of / up).

5. After all these years I finally saw him for what he was (as / like / for / from).

6. Some people are never going to agree with you on this, so it's no use banging your head against a wall trying to convince everyone (against / for / on / through).

7. I wanted a red Ferrari but in the end settled for a green Zaporozhets (for / of / on / in).

8. Work often gets in the way of my social life (in / on / at / through). So screw it! I'm going to resign!

9. He paid three thousand dollars for that piece of junk! Is he out of his mind (out / out of / from / out from)?

10. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my arm (in / on / for / of).


Exercise 5

А знаете, какая частая проблема возникает с новыми словами и фразами? Их выучивают в какой-то одной форме и потом не могут изменить фразу соответственно ситуации.

Например, запомнив play by the rules именно в таком виде, многие забудут (или не додумаются?) добавить –ing в таком предложении:

Так что в этом упражнении давайте потренируемся манипулировать формами. Где-то вам понадобится прошедшее время, где-то нужно будет добавить –ing, где-то вы возьмете частицу to и так далее. Гибкость мышления и грамматика в одном!))

Все фразы даны в скобках, осталось только поставить ее в нужную форму. Поехали?

1. He's proven himself to be a talented actor and now he's having a shot (have a shot) at directing.

2. If I wasn't married, I'd hit on you (hit on you).

3.The roads were icy, so we urged our guests to stay over (stay over).

4. He’s promised to stop drinking so many times that his friends have given up on him by now (give up on him).

5. Why don’t you just call him back? Are you playing hard to get (play hard to get)?

6. Sadly, most men are threatened by successful women (threaten).

7. I knew the answer but kept my mouth shut (keep my mouth shut).

8. Work often gets in the way of my social life (get in the way of).

9. When I have more information, I’ll give you a call (give you a call).

10. I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to please everyone involved, but it’s just not working out (bang my head against the wall)!

11. The real estate agent took us to see that town house. It was nice but not exactly what we had in mind (have in mind).

12. It’s worth taking a shot (take a shot). If you succeed, you’ll make a fortune. If not, you’ll gain some valuable experience.

13. So do you think it’s really possible to pull off this whole thing (pull off)?


Exercise 6

Перефразируйте эти предложения с использованием новых выражений, чтобы они звучали более идиоматично и более емко. Подсказка – в скобках.

А кто сдавал или готовился к CAE, знает, что это одно из экзаменационных заданий!

Копируйте только то предложение, где есть выделенная фраза, вставляйте его в поле и перефразируйте выделенную часть. Остальное оставляем без изменений.


1. I was determined to get this job, nothing and no one could stop me. (WAY) I was determined to get this job, nothing and no one could get in my way.
2. He flirts with every pretty girl he meets. (HIT) He hits on every pretty girl he meets.
3. Advertisers say you can’t be happy without the latest gadget, a luxurious car and a vacation in the Maldives. Do you really believe this? (BUY) Do you really buy into this?
4. I’ve never changed a tire before, but I’ll try. (TAKE) I’ve never changed a tire before, but I’ll take a shot.
5. You must be crazy paying £1000 for one night in a hotel! Don’t you think it’s a rip-off? (MIND) You must be out of your mind paying £1000 for one night in a hotel!
6. After all these years she finally realized the truth about him – a narcissistic, cold-hearted abuser. (SAW) After all these years she finally saw him for what he was – a narcissistic, cold-hearted abuser.
7. All that work is wasted because my computer crashed! I should have done regular back-ups! (GO / WINDOW) All that work is gone out the window because my computer crashed!
8. His job was to promote the company while also boosting its image. He failed both tasks. (COUNT) He failed on both counts.
9. With fewer and fewer jobs available on the market, I’m going to have to agree to a lower salary than I had requested. (SETTLE) With fewer and fewer jobs available on the market, I’m going to have to settle for a lower salary than I had requested.
10. My job is my top priority at the moment. When that’s under control, I can concentrate on my personal life. (CARE) My job is all I care about at the moment.

Все сделали? Молодцы! Как я люблю говорить, возьмите с полки пирожок))

А если остались вопросы, давайте обсудим в комментариях!

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