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Passive Voice: упражнения

passive voice упражнения

Продолжаем осваивать Passive Voice (пассивный залог). Правила Passive Voice мы уже разобрали, примеры Passive Voice из фильмов на английском посмотрели. Если нужно освежить память, рекомендую прогуляться по ссылкам.

А если память свежа как майская роза, давайте делать упражнения на Passive Voice. Упражнения охватывают большинство форм и конструкций пассивного залога - от простых до продвинутых.


Passive Voice: упражнения

Упражнение 1

Задача этого (простого!) упражнения на Passive Voice - немного вспомнить правила. Совместите фразу в активном залоге со фразой в пассивном залоге.

  • I do it
  • I did it
  • I am doing it
  • I was doing it
  • I have done it
  • I have been doing it
  • I had done it
  • I will do it
  • I will be doing it
  • I will have done it
  • I am going to do it
  • I need to do it
  • I can do it
  • It has been done
  • It can be done
  • It is done
  • It has been being done
  • It needs to be done
  • It will be being done
  • It is being done
  • It is going to be done
  • It was being done
  • It was done
  • It will have been done
  • It will be done
  • It had been done

Упражнение 2

Цель этого упражнения на Passive Voice - вспомнить разные формы пассивного залога. Перефразируйте предложения из активного в пассивный залог. Время менять не нужно.

Сокращения (can't, haven't и другие) можно использовать там, где они есть в основном предложении. Например:

  • Nobody has told me about the party - I have not been told about the party
  • Nobody's told me about the party - I haven't been told about the party

1. Dangerous driving causes a lot of accidents.

    = A lot of accidents are caused by dangerous driving.

2. When we got to the stadium, we found out that they had cancelled the match.

   = When we got to the stadium, we found out that the match had been cancelled.

3. They are building a new road around the city.

   = A new road around the city is being built.

4. His boss has finally promoted him.

   = He has finally been promoted.

5. How do people learn languages?

  = How are languages learnt;learned?

6. You need to feed the cat twice a day.

  = The cat needs to be fed twice a day.

7. Nobody told me about the meeting.

  = I was not told about the meeting.

8. We can’t solve the problem.

  = The problem can't be solved.

9. They aren’t going to broadcast Madonna’s concert.

  = Madonna’s concert isn't going to be broadcast.

10. You must lock the doors at the end of the day.

  = The doors must be locked at the end of the day.

11. Nobody's cleaned the windows for several weeks.

  = The windows haven't been cleaned for several weeks.

12. The mechanic is repairing my car at the moment.

  = My car is being repaired.

13. Different experts have written thousands of books about time management.

  = Thousands of books have been written about time management.

14. My new camera was faulty so the shop gave me a full refund.

  = My new camera was faulty so I was given a full refund.

15. The authorities have to build more playgrounds.

  = More playgrounds have to be built.


Упражнение 3

А в этом упражнении на Passive Voice нужно выбрать подходящую форму пассивного залога в зависимости от контекста.

1. The last time I was in the city center, the whole area ________.is renovated;is being renovated;was renovated;was being renovated42. According to the plan, the old buildings ________ next month.is going to be knocked down;are going to be knocked down;will be knocked down;are knocked down23. The painting you’re looking at now is quite remarkable. It ________ 5 times!is stolen;was stolen;has been stolen;has been being stolen34. - Did you go to the party? – No, ________.I’m not invited;I wasn’t invited;I wasn’t being invited;I haven’t been invited25. How ________ this word ________?are;is;have;has2pronounced;being pronounced;been pronounced;been being pronounced16. It’s a huge international corporation. Thousands of people ________ there.were employed;are employed;are being employed;have been employed27. He ________ three months ago and has been unemployed ever since.had been fired;has been fired;was fired;is fired38. When ________ this picture ________?is;was;has;have2being taken;been taken;been being taken;taken49. I had to spend the night in the airport because my flight ________.is delayed;was delayed;has been delayed;had been delayed410. The situation is serious. Something ________ before it’s too late.must be done;can't be done;will be done;has been done111. Please, go away. I ________ alone.I’m left;I shouldn't be left;I want to be left;I hate being left312. ________ you ever ________ by a dog?was;were;has;have4been bitten;being bitten;been being bitten;bitten113. There’s somebody behind us. I think we ________.are followed;are being followed;were being followed;have been followed214. How many times ________ you ________ not to do this?are;were;have;will3be told;been told;being told;been being told215. I don’t like ________ what to do.be told;been told;been being told;being told416. It’s a mystery. It ________. can be explained;has been explained;is explained;can’t be explained417. The TV ________. It’s working again now.is being repaired;is repaired;has been repaired;was repaired3

Упражнение 4

Дальше пойдут продвинутые упражнения на Passive Voice. Это проходят на высоких уровнях, но на самом деле, ничего сложного тут нет.

В этом упражнении перефразируйте предложения, например:

  • People believe that coffee increases blood pressure (COFFEE)
  • Coffee is believed to increase blood pressure.
Все нужные слова уже есть в предложении, придумывать ничего не надо))

1. People say he is 109 years old (HE) He is said to be 109 years old. 2. The police think that the robber is wearing a baseball cap (THE ROBBER) The robber is thought to be wearing a baseball cap. 3. Everybody expects the strike to end soon (THE STRIKE) The strike is expected to end soon. 4. The newspaper reports that two people were injured in the accident last night (TWO PEOPLE) Two people are reported to have been injured in the accident last night. 5. People believe that there is a secret tunnel between Moscow and Saint Petersburg (THERE) There is believed to be a secret tunnel between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 6. Scientists predict that climate change will affect all parts of the world (CLIMATE CHANGE) Climate change is predicted to affect all parts of the world. 7. They say the company is losing a lot of money (THE COMPANY) The company is said to be losing a lot of money. 8. People believe he is very rich (HE) He is believed to be very rich. 9. Historians believe the Chinese invented paper (THE CHINESE) The Chinese are believed to have invented paper. 10. The police think the thieves entered the house through an open window (THE THIEVES) The thieves are thought to have entered the house through an open window.

Упражнение 5

Ура, картинки!)) Цель этого упражнения на Passive Voice - вспомнить разницу между:

  • I'm taking a picture
  • I'm having my picture taken
Все нужные слова и выражения - на картинках, осталось только вписать нужную конструкцию.

He isHe isHe isHe isHe isHe isShe isShe isYou need toYou need toShe isThey are
having his car repairedrepairing his carcleaning his suithaving his suit cleanedhaving the tree cut downcutting down the treecutting her hairhaving her hair cuthave your blood pressure checkedcheck your blood pressurehaving the house paintedpainting the house


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