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Online shopping: упражнения

shopping упражнения

В соседнем уроке мы осваивали полезные слова и выражения на тему Online Shopping и учились делать покупки на англоязычных сайтах. Профукали все деньги, остались ни с чем

Если пропустили, рекомендую прогуляться сюда и повторить выражения на тему Покупки онлайн.

Ну а теперь давайте попрактикуемся и сделаем упражнения. Ну просто потому, что иначе в голове ничегошеньки не останется, и все ваши (и мои!) труды окажутся напрасными.

А упражнения не простые, упражнения крутые!))) Даже, я бы сказала, волшебные. Каждый, кто их сделает, запомнит все слова и выражения на тему Покупки / Online shopping. Правда же, отличная замануха?))) 

Очень рекомендую такой формат:

  • сделать упражнения сейчас
  • проверить себя (кнопка Check)
  • разобрать ошибки (если будут, конечно!)
  • вернуться в этот урок про Online Shopping через несколько дней
  • сделать упражнения еще раз для закрепления

Увы, слова и выражения сами собой не запоминаются(( Надо их повторять. Что не отменяет факта: упражнения волшебные))

К вопросу о том, сколько нужно упражнений, чтобы что-то освоить.

Online shopping: exercises

Онлайн покупки: упражнения

Упражнение 1

Exercise 1. Complete the gaps using words / phrases that describe the pictures:

chooseread thedoread thecheckchoosereceive a
a payment methodsign in;log inproceed to checkoutproduct descriptionsome shopping aroundcustomer reviewscheck the priceif it's in stock;if it is in stockzoom in onadd to cart;add to basketclick ona delivery optionsign up;registerconfirmation
the photothe itememail


Упражнение 2

Exercise 2. Match the things you want to do / circumstances (on the left) with the actions you take (on the right):

  • I have an account, so I
  • I don’t have an account, so I
  • I want to find out more about the product, so I
  • I want to look closer, so I
  • I want to know what others think, so I
  • I want to find the best deal, so I
  • I’m happy with the price, so I
  • I want to buy something else, so I
  • I’m done shopping, so I
  • I need a fast delivery, so I
  • I want to use my Visa card, so I
  • I’ve changed my mind, so I
  • cancel the order
  • sign in
  • do some shopping around
  • continue shopping
  • sign up
  • choose a payment method
  • zoom in on the photo
  • choose a delivery option
  • add the item to my cart
  • proceed to checkout
  • read the product description
  • read the customer reviews

Упражнение 3

Exercise 3. Rearrange these things in the correct order, from the first to the last step you normally take when you shop online. Pick up each phrase and drag it to the right place:

  • add the item to cart
  • continue shopping
  • find out more about the product
  • pick up the package
  • place an order
  • proceed to checkout
  • receive a confirmation email
  • sign in
  • sign out
  • sign up
  • track the package

Упражнение 4

Exercise 4. When you shop online, you might have some questions regarding the product / delivery / payment, etc. What do you do to find the answers? Choose the most suitable answer.

1. Can I afford it?check the price;choose a payment method;sign up;find out more about the product12. How much is delivery?track the package;check the shipping rates;choose a payment method;choose a delivery option2 3. Can I pay by Mastercard?choose the payment method;look through the Returns Policy;sign in;do some shopping around14. Where’s my package?pick up the package;get a confirmation;check if it’s in stock;track the package45. Have I placed the order? look through the Returns Policy;receive a confirmation email;read customer reviews;add the item to cart26. How big is it?zoom in on the photos;check the price;read the product description;check the shipping rates37. What do others think of it?check if it’s in stock;receive a confirmation email;read the customer reviews;choose a payment method38. Do they have enough left?check if it’s in stock;do some shopping around;sign in;sign up19. Is it cheaper on ozon.ru?sign in;sign out;do some shopping around;choose a payment method310. Can I have it delivered fast?look through the Returns policy;track the package;pick it up;check the shipping rates411. How do I cancel the order?add the item to cart;cancel the order;place the order;look through the Terms and Conditions4

Упражнение 5

Exercise 5. Complete the story using suitable words and forms of words. For example:

  • find (I can’t find it anywhere)
  • found (I looked for it for 2 hours, and I finally found it)
  • finding (Finding a good deal might take a while)
  • to find (How am I supposed to find it?)

I saw this amazing camera on Amazon and really wanted to buy it. I didn’t have an account, so I had to sign up first. I created an account and then signed in using my newly created username and password. I found the camera and clicked on the item in order to find out more about the product. I read the product description carefully and zoomed in on the photos. I liked what I saw but I read the customer reviews anyway, just to see what others thought of the camera.

I also did some shopping around to see if other retailers were offering better deals. But they weren’t, so I went with Amazon and that particular camera. Then I checked if it was in stock. Luckily, it was (they had plenty!), so I added the camera to my cart.

It occurred to me I also needed a memory card to go with my camera, so I continued shopping. Unfortunately, the one I chose was out of stock (such a shame they had none left!), and the other one I kind of liked was way overpriced and had negative customer reviews (only 1 star - nobody liked it!). I didn’t want to settle for anything else, so I was done shopping.

It was then that I thought checking the shipping rates would be a good idea.  You know how sometimes delivery is pricier than the product itself? Luckily, this wasn’t the case here.

I have to admit I’m not particularly keen on legal stuff (do you know anyone who is?), so I looked through the Returns Policy very briefly only to clear my conscience.

Finally, it was time to proceed to checkout, and that’s exactly what I did. I was then offered to choose a delivery option (Standard, of course! why let them rip you off?) and a payment method (obviously, they accept all major cards). I paid, and that was that – I placed the order for them to fulfil.

Following that, I received a confirmation email;e-mail with all the details (including the tracking number so I could track my;the package and know exactly where it was at any given moment – so convenient!).

Three weeks later I got a notification that the package had arrived at my local post office, and I went to pick it up straight away. I spent 2 long hours in the queue, which I found really annoying. I was getting really impatient when my number came up on the screen. I showed the notification to the clerk, who then handed me the package.

I couldn’t wait till I got home, so I ripped it open right there only to find the camera was…


А как бы вы закончили историю?

I couldn’t wait till I got home, so I ripped it open right there only to find the camera was…

…the camera was WHAT? Let’s come up with several possible endings!

Осилили упражнения? Проверили себя? Молодцы! Рекомендую вернуться к этим упражнениям через несколько дней и сделать их еще раз для большего выхлопа большей эффективности.

А если остались вопросы, давайте их обсудим в комментариях!

Теперь готовы делать покупки онлайн на американских сайтах?))

А может, уже делали? Какие могут возникнуть проблемы во время онлайн шопинга на англоязычных сайтах? Помимо желания спустить всю зарплату?)))

Автор: Дарья Масловская


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