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Indirect questions: упражнения

Нужно вспомнить правила Indirect questions? Или хотите посмотреть примеры Indirect questions из фильмов?

Упражнение 1 

Rearrange these words to make indirect questions:


tell me you old you how are can?

Can you tell me how old you are?

a) have you any to I’d like know if pets?I'd like to know if you have any pets. b) mind in me you telling if you would god believe?Would you mind telling me if you believe in God. c) if you help me was I wondering could.I was wondering if you could help me. d) leave to do when going you mind me you are asking?Do you mind me asking when you are going to leave? e) what was your childhood dream I’d know interested to be.I'd be interested to know what your childhood dream was. f) you me you your how can have tell long known best friend?Can you tell me how long you have known your best friend? g) you know the Mondays museum is do open whether on?Do you know whether the museum is open on Mondays?

Упражнение 2

Transform these indirect questions into direct:


Would you mind telling me how long you've lived here?

How long have you lived here?

a) Do you know if this bus goes to the city center?Does this bus go to the city center? b) Would you mind telling me how much you earn?How much do you earn?c) Can you tell me where the entrance is?Where is the entrance? d) I’d like to know if you spoke to John yesterday.Did you speak to John yesterday? e) I was wondering where you’re from.Where are you from? f) Do you mind me asking who you live with?Who do you live with? g) I’d be interested to know whether you’ve been to Italy before.Have you been to Italy before? h) What time do you think the show will finish?What time will the show finish? i) Do you know if it’s going to rain tomorrow?Is it going to rain tomorrow? j) Would you mind telling me how many people you’ve invited?How many people have you invited?

Упражнение 3 Good cop, Bad cop

Transform these direct questions into indirect:


Are you ready to answer our questions?

(mind telling) Would you mind telling me if you are ready to answer our questions?

a) Where were you last Saturday afternoon? (mind me asking)
Do you mind me asking where you were last Saturday afternoon? b) Who were you with? (mind telling me)
Would you mind telling me who you were with? c) What were you doing there? (ask)
Can I ask what you were doing there? d) How long did you spend there? (tell)
Can you tell me how long you spent there? e) Where were you before that? (wondering)
I was wondering where you were before that. f) Where did you go after that? (interested)
I’d be interested to know where you went after that. g) Can anyone confirm what you said? (like to know)I’d like to know if anyone can confirm what you said.

Упражнение 4 Direct interviewer, indirect interviewer

Make indirect questions using these prompts:


like / know / you / ready / start / interview

I'd like to know if you are you ready to start the interview.

a) tell / position / apply forCan you tell me what position you are applying for? b) asking / why / think / good / this positionDo you mind me asking why you think you are good for this position? c) wondering / why / want / quit / current jobI was wondering why you want to quit your current job. d) interested / how long / work / thereI’d be interested to know how long you’ve worked there. e) tell / what / weaknessesCan you tell me what your weaknesses are? f) like / know / how / see yourself / five years / from nowI’d like to know how you see yourself five years from now. g) telling / who / call / referencesWould you mind telling me who I can call for references?

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