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Feelings and emotions: упражнения

С прилагательными, описывающими чувства и эмоции, разобрались. Примеры прилагательных из фильмов посмотрели. Пора поделать упражнения.

Английские прилагательные. Упражнения

Упражнение 1

Match the feelings to the things that make you feel that way:

  • you get a pay rise
  • you want to know more
  • you have a lot of motivation
  • you didn’t expect something
  • things happened as planned
  • danger is gone, you’re safe
  • after a long working day
  • lots of unsolved problems
  • smth good didn’t happen
  • you work a lot and don't relax
  • something bad might happen
  • there’s too much information
  • you have nothing to do
  • you see a ghost
  • you fall over in a public place
  • interested/fascinated
  • worried
  • stressed
  • pleased/satisfied
  • tired/exhausted
  • embarrassed
  • excited/thrilled/delighted
  • bored
  • surprised/shocked
  • relieved
  • scared/frightened/terrified
  • disappointed/frustrated
  • confused
  • depressed
  • inspired

Упражнение 2

Write the appropriate word for each picture:



Упражнение 3

Choose the best answer:


1. I was really __________when he proposed to me in front of the entire office.embarrassed;disappointed;bored;scared1 2. The instructions were so complicated that I got ________.embarrassed;confused;terrified;bored 2 3. The cliff was so high that I got quite _______.delighted;frustrated;scared;inspired 3 4. I hadn’t seen him for 3 years, so I was quite ________ to see that he’d lost 30 kilos.surprised;depressed;interested;exhausted1 5. I was absolutely ___________ after the 10-kilometer race.tired;exhausted;relieved;fascinated 26. Finally, the danger was gone and we all felt _________.shocked;frightened;confused;relieved 47. The exam is tomorrow and I haven’t studied enough. I’m quite ________.worried;excited;pleased;disappointed18. I was ________ to find out that my new neighbor is a secret millionaire.frustrated;confused;shocked;exhausted 39. The instructions were so contradictory that I ____ confused.felt;felt myself;feel;was 110. The movie was ____ long that I got ____ bored.so;such;very;absolutely1really;absolutely;myself;so 111. You _______ worried. What’s bothering you?feel;are;look;become 312. ___________ tired. Let’s stop walking and take a break.I’m getting;I’m becoming;I’m such;I look113. We ________ all really inspired by the speech.were so;was so;were;was3


Автор: Дарья Масловская


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